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Important: All appointments will be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance.

Initial paperwork will be sent to you when you are officially offered a space in schedule..


-Openings for new classes for Ancient Healing Arts at Magick Path.

-Community gatherings for celebrations, retreats and 2nd website coming soon! 

-Help me, I cannot find my appointment link

-To Change appointment with at least 24 hours+ notice- PLEASE email here.

-Billing access in portal

-Secure Messaging for established clients only: (Please treat secure messaging like email, except it is completely secure and encrypted.) Urgent matters are best by phone, for emergencies call 911 or contact Alaska crisis lines here. 

-This is the access to established client portal.

-New counseling clients will be sent paperwork to sign electronically through client portal or email.

-Keep your email secure, sign in links sent to email.

SCHEDULE & Forms: Event
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