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Pagey Scheytt, MA, LPC, NCC

This is just one story in the many stories in the world. I did "healing" with people long before I had psychotherapy training. That's what they called it. I called it interacting deeply with people in some of their harder moments. I used my intuition, my dance and arts, my words- wanting to be with a fellow human and gain understanding with them. I don't know where this started initially, it was just something that I did from an early age, to understand living, pain and what it means to be human. The pleasure of being alive, how to increase this and decrease some of the suffering. Transcendence and detachment from the material plane felt barren and beside the point of being "here". I did not like woo- woo- pursuits; it felt more enjoyable to be in my body, in the woods and with stories and experiences that made me feel more. When I moved away from "alternative" practices, they sought me. I quested for knowledge from books, great teachers, many practices over many years, great students, studies in religion, culture and literature, then later discoveries of family lineage, and feminine knowledge- nearly lost. Ancient healing arts such as Tarot, Astrology, Chakra balancing, Herbals, Hermetics, Magick & Visualization, Movement through Dance, Music, Storytelling, and other Artistic Expressions were a part of my practice then, and are at the heart of me now. If you fully consent, then I want to help you find the heart of you, and let you enjoy your center! I learned from many amazing people what worked throughout the ages to ease human difficulties and emotional pain using western esoteric arts, eastern philosophy and other spiritual traditions. I also have come to understand how challenges help us shape and strengthen the center of us. I studied everything I could get my hands on, anything that seemed to help people (my self included) live life to the fullest; western medicines of neuroscience and psychology. I studied in my mind and in my body. I lost my way many times and always found my path again. One persistent tool was often, literally, right in front of my face. Stories. Reading, writing, listening, moving my body to make them, telling with my words; the true, the imagined. What story was I telling to myself about my life? What story are you telling yourself? Is it helpful?

I love how the "black and white" of the page is always full of grey. Stories have always been a passion in my life. I am so passionate about helping you know your story, how you view the world, what drives you, what tools you have and whether I can journey with you for part of your story, assisting you in finding your "holy grail"- which could be anything from sharing your unique gifts, healing your pain, feeling into your life and body, facing injustice, finding your purpose, raising your children, growing in relationship with another (or others), etc.


Marion Woodman says this: "Storytelling is at the heart of life... In finding our own story, we assemble all the parts of ourselves. Whatever kind of mess we have made of it, we can somehow see the totality of who we are and recognize how our blunderings are related. We can own what we did and value who we are, not because of the outcome but because of the soul story that propelled us."


I want you to know my biases because we all have them and we need to discover if our collaboration will work for your goals, and my way of viewing and experiencing the world is not "the way". I have a biased world view in seeing life and healing in terms of seeking balance, integrating opposing forces, alchemy, and a love for contradictions (found in humor or even bike riding. ie. watch a bike ride in slow motion; they are micro tipping, side-to-side constantly!) My many lenses creates my own bias. I believe that is OK. You get to have them, too. The differences keep it interesting for all of us. Some of these perspective I hold are supported in psychotherapy in the application of Internal Family Systems, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. I have a bias to see importance in the balance of a human system, in healing the need to integrate "spirit" into practice in psychotherapy. This is not religious based, but can be for you. I welcome all religious practitioners, Pagans, Wiccans, Christians, Buddhists, agnostics, atheists and other more "mainstream" religions.   Your spirit can be how you feel connected to other human beings, your body, nature, a higher power, God, many gods, or a core sense of Self. I support this through the use of evidence-based practices of Polyvagal Theory's Ventral Vagal engagement, the "Self" in Internal Family System's parts work, consciousness in Mindfulness, Existentialism, and Interpersonal Neurobiology.

There is so much wisdom is our many people's old teachings, but also much we do not know, and great discoveries we are continuing to be made. I did not want to turn my nose up at the "new" knowledge found in science- I integrate that into what I find in my other work, too. During my graduate studies practicum I was introduced to neuroscience and somatic (body psychology) work. In my internship I began to work heavily with trauma and the effect on our brain, body and whole person- whether the person was young or old, whether the trauma was young or old. I saw how some of the old, "alternative" methods were helpful, but in order to practice it in my career as a licensed counselor it needed to be evidenced-based (the balance bias again). The governing boards of licensed practice added the structure, boundaries, and ethical accountability to practice that I could not find in the metaphysical communities, so I find this integration very satisfying. Again, because I am interested in your story, I am interested in the Archetypes and Metaphors that work for you. I am not bound by my metaphysical systems- because they are dynamic- they keep growing and evolving. But we can use these old systems if that works for your goals.


I went to work connecting (often translating) the bridges between this old wealth of knowledge that approached human suffering more holistically and the new science of psychology that is becoming more holistic and integrative as it goes. The interplay reminds me of our minds, our bodies our human need for the excitement of polarity. Our science is always evolving, seemingly plunging further into what is considered more mystery, depth and creative exploration. The "right brain" expanding the artistic expression,  sensitivity and receptivity of yin energy that allows us to open, be and feel. And appreciating the structure of the driven "left brain", that provides the focused discipline and other linear, yang approaches; helping us to safely contain, become and reason. Again, exciting balance.


Neurobiology (brain science) is showing evidence (psychotherapy professional practice requires) to support integrating many of these old tools of healing into modern treatment. I am seeing more and more therapists bravely standing up and showing how this integration may be the next wave of psychology. The many courageous survivors of abuse and neglect have the largest role in our evolving understanding of what it is to be human. The work we do in trauma recovery is sacred and a privilege for healers. We are all healers in our own ways! Very hopeful and exciting. More tools to use in helping you to help us all!

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Having fun in the woods with the fiddleheads! 


Licensed in Alaska by the Board of Professional Counselors to provide mental health therapy. Licensed to provide Clinical Supervision to LPC Interns in Alaska. I completed my Masters degree in Counseling-Psychology and worked in community mental health organizations with children, teens and adults, until 6 years ago when I began private practice. Over 12 years specialized in holistic mental health for Trauma & Abuse, Addiction, ADHD, Early Childhood Mental Health (including pregnancy, pre-, post-natal), Personal Growth & Transitions- with extensive experience and training in Interpersonal Neurobiology, Polyvagal Theory, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Internal Family Systems, Trauma-focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Existentialism. I also utilize my lifetime passions for embodied movement, art, mythology, lore, literature, music, nature, theater, ancient healing arts and symbolic languages of Hermetics, magick, astrology, tarot. I love humans and the varieties of the ways we think, feel, inspire and behave. My Bachelor of Arts in Cultural and Historical Studies (Anthropology & Literature) reflects this perspective. I have specialty interest in Viking and pagan culture. I also proudly serve military families. I am naturally curious and open, and honest. Over 2 decades working with people with developmental and mental health challenges. Also certified as a counselor by the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC), Certificate in Integrative Nutritional Medicine and Sensual Movement & Dance. To learn more about my approach and journey click here.  . I love a grounded approach to all things mystical. I need the science, but I need the fun, too!

About: Service

Approach to Therapy

Meeting You Where You Are

GENTLE & CHALLENGING: I want to help you find a balance between changing your perspective, skills, support, motivation, etc. AND accepting and working with who you are.

ETHICAL & CONFIDENTIAL: Ethical treatment of clients is the highest priority of mine. I respect your rights, remind you of your rights, and have a solid history of advocating for client rights and confidentiality. I ask everyone to respect each other's privacy, so we can have as much emotional health in our community as possible. We will discuss our cultures and the impact that may have on treatment.

INDIVIDUALIZED: I want to know what wellness is to you- Knowing that this will likely change over time, I need to keep finding out. 

COMFORTABLE & SAFE: I believe in being present and authentic with you- I will work toward building your trust & our therapeutic relationship, so that you can feel safe bringing your genuine self, too. My approach is a transparent one.

SELF-CARE & INTEGRITY: I think a therapist needs to keep themselves well, tending to their needs as well as others. This helps model how this is an ongoing process that is often difficult for any of us- I believe it deepens empathy and capacity to help others when therapists do their own tough work outside of session. This includes time away from work to keep growing and to heal current illness or emotional needs.

Looking Out to the Lake
Toy Plane

Psychotherapy Treatment

Evidence-based training & experience

  • Trauma-Informed Care, with emphasis in Trauma-Sensitive Yoga, Internal Family Systems (parts work) and Neuro-psychology (whole brain work)

  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Including Mindfulness, Emotional Regulation, Distress Tolerance and Interpersonal Effectiveness skills

  • Attachment & Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB)

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

  • Narrative Therapy

  • Polyvagal Theory

  • Gestalt Play Therapy

  • Focus on the therapeutic relationship and developmental scope throughout

  • Existentialism, various spiritual approaches

  • Integrative Medicine Provider Certificate completed

  • Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Teacher Training Certification, although I prefer to focus on Sensuality training, including Liquid Motion classes (separate offerings)

Work Experience

Most recently in private practice for last 6 years. Prior work as licensed psychotherapist in Alaska working with severely mentally ill, substance use disorders and other mental health difficulties.-Individual, group and staff training. Also worked in Oregon for internship, post graduate work in several agencies focusing on trauma and addiction.


​Worked as professional, licensed mental health counselor in Portland, Oregon with children aged 18 months to 13 years old that experienced trauma, abuse, ADHD, autism disorder spectrum, depression, anxiety and neglect. Also provided family therapy, advocacy, testimony, court reports and psycho-education. Working collaboratively with their parents, caregivers, schools, psychiatrists, case workers, CASAs, attorneys and foster parents, etc.


Before this, worked in substance dependence treatment center as psychotherapist for dual diagnosis adult clients in Oregon. Lead clinician for suboxone program, group and individual therapy focusing on mindfulness, Trauma group, DBT, 12-step, parenting and criminality. 


Began work as professional, licensed therapist working with children, adolescents and adults (aged 2 and up) in trauma treatment center in Portland/Gladstone area for vulnerable populations. Individual, family, groups and couples. Also provided training and outreach for community on trauma treatment. Provided staff training on ARC method (Attachment, Regulation and Competency).

Worked in Alaska (quite a few years ago) with children and adults with developmental disabilities as an advocate, care coordinator, case manager, and then case manager supervisor. Also did project management, staff orientation, on-going staff training, developed policy and procedure manuals.


Even more years ago... Worked as Integrative Healer using ancient healing systems of Tarot, Art, Dance, Astrology Language, Hermetics, Western Magick practices & knowledge working my way through undergraduate studies in Anthropology and Writing.-Feel free to ask me more about this. I will not incorporate anything into treatment that is not ethical, this includes your full consent and knowledge of any holistic tools that I have available. 

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Insurance, Health Savings Account Cards, Credit Cards


Novel Path is currently a preferred provider, in-network Blue Cross- Blue Shield, Premera, UnitedHeathcare, Pacific Source, EBMS, and AETNA. Most insurance plans have out-of-network benefits and I have worked with Providence and Optum this way for many clients. We can also provide the submittal and bill insurance for some out of network insurance companies for you- depending on your plan.  This change moving forward will allow NP to continue to offer Scholarships for those that cannot afford to pay or do not have insurance, for greater freedom in what we are able to do and offer in our sessions, and for NP to align itself with its values that do not always align with all insurance companies' approach to healing and mental health (especially related to access of clients' confidential information, the devaluation of ancient healing practices, even when evidence-based, and the medical model pathologizing that may lead to stigmatization of humans in suffering). You will require a medical diagnosis for any provider in-network billing insurance for services.


We also can accept HSA (Health Savings Account) or Flexible Spending cards for mental health services, including co-pays and deductibles. Novel Path will currently bill your insurance for you, but you may have a copay that is due at the time of services. If services are denied you are responsible for the balance, although I will do what I can to advocate for your needs. Sometimes secondary insurance is processed easily, if this is not the case then you will be provided proof of payment for you to submit to be reimbursed for secondary coverage. If your insurance plan does not cover services you will responsible for payment. Call your insurance company and ask about your coverage. I will also verify your insurance benefits and let you know about your coverage if we decide to work together.


Payment Methods: You can pay online through the client portal, set up auto payment, use credit card, or HSA card at your visit. Payment is due at time of services. When initially setting up insurance, clients may be asked to pay for services until insurance is confirmed. You are still responsible for any account balance for services, even if insurance benefits are in place. Our billers do everything possible to ensure efficient processing of your insurance.

Scholarships: If you cannot afford services out of pocket Novel Path has a limited number of scholarships, please contact for more information and to receive an application.


*At this time we cannot accept Medicaid. It was thoroughly researched, however several factors in the billing of Medicaid will not allow me to accept it at this time.


The reason I was so drawn to trauma, addictions, parenting and ADHD is because I find that these areas challenge professionals to better understand the complexity of human beings. Much of this work helps me to do a better job with more common challenges, and highlights how important a holistic approach to therapy is. I have found that when professionals work in these areas they get very good at treating more common difficulties like anxiety, depression, life transitions and grief.


1.Often those that have complex or developmental trauma are diagnosed with a combination of several disorders from the diagnostic and statistical manual (DSM-5), such as major depression, anxiety disorders /post-traumatic stress, bipolar, attention deficit-hyperactivity, substance use disorders, personality disorders, dissociative disorders, sensory integration disorders and attachment problems. Most therapists (myself included) find this to be a limit our current diagnostic systems, and not a reflection how hopeful and freeing trauma treatment can be. Regardless, I found it critical to deeply understand these diagnoses, their connections and treatment.


2. I have a background in Anthropology. I love learning about where mental health difficulties come from and how they affect all of us. Many counselors and psychologists have found that trauma is universal and the way we react to trauma, especially those events that happen repeatedly and/or in our earlier development teaches us all about what it means to survive and hopefully thrive (as found in Polyvagal theory). The intersection between emotional regulation, executive functioning, sensory integration, interpersonal brain biology, relationships (especially early caregivers), and addiction continue to inform treatment in these areas.


In other words I have seen that my work in trauma, addiction, parenting and ADHD is highly transferable and informs my work with other difficulties. However, one of the most important things I have learned in all my work is that it is important to listen very carefully in order to learn about you.


People need different kinds of help at different times in their lives. The counselor/client match is an important one, one that I cannot promise will be the right one for you , your child or your family. That's why I like to offer a free consultation to help me better understand your needs and to help make your decision easier. 

I would also recommend better understanding the credentials of the professional you are looking to see. Some individuals are less concerned about level of education, training and governing bodies that over see the ethics and practice of a counselor. That is OK and your choice to make. It may be helpful to understand why I earned these additional credentials when I could have practiced with the skills I had at the time. More in About Me upper section on this.


Wholistic and holistic are words used interchangeably on my site, and in most places. Wholistic/Holistic is the philosophy that all parts of some is connected. Holistic is used more often when referring to medicine and wholistic when referring to a philosophy of life. My approach is a little of both because of the importance of both the science and the art of the human healing and discovery process.


Even though brains are amazing, you are made up of more than just your brain. When you are feeling distressed, unhappy, lonely, want big changes in your life, or even just want some help making smaller adjustments, it is more effective if we work with the parts of you that impact and connect with all the other parts. This is a reason I do quite a bit of "parts" work. Helping your "orchestra conductor", whatever that may be for you, get your parts of you to player a little nicer together. 


People may call these parts of your system of "you" different names. Some of the parts that psychology has named are: somatic, cognition, affect and values or meaningfulness. Older bodies of wisdom and in most of the world some of these connected parts of being you is mind, body, spirit and energy centers. Many practices also consider our environment, relationships, culture, and a higher power as integral parts of your system of "you". Many of us relate to 'a part of me that wants this', while 'the other part of me doesn't want this' and a whole other part is seeming to criticize me about this dilemma! More on this Parts work in upper About Me section on my approach to treatment.


As I get to know you we can discover more about what your system is, how to address your system for the outcomes you desire, and defining what type of wholeness has the most meaning to you. 


I can provide a number of services via secure, live video conference wherever you may live, however, I am licensed in Alaska and Oregon to provide tele-behavioral health (Live video, distance psychotherapy sessions, like the services insurance can cover). Your location should not hinder your ability to get help or to access the type of services you need. There may also be other issues that make it difficult for you to get into the office.


SimplePractice telehealth is the safest method I have found to connect securely with you. It is completely HIPAA compliant. I also occasionally use Zoom's secure services.


I do need to complete a screening to insure that these services will work for your needs. I will provide clear instructions and guidance on this service if we find that this is the right service delivery for you.


Yes, if we are billing insurance. No, if you are paying out of pocket. However, an assessment is still encouraged to make better recommendations about course of treatment. The free consultation can help you decide what might work better for you.

Your Questions Answered


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Whatever you’re struggling with, I’m here to help you achieve your goals using the tools I have, old and new, 

the tools that work for you. 

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