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Infancy through Adulthood

Distance Counseling & Consultation

For Adults or Early Childhood (0-6)

Offering counseling services for adults focusing on traumatic history, life changes and exploration, ADHD, addiction, those with high empathy, seekers, and those suffering from mood or anxiety difficulties. Interactive therapy and consultation services for parents, educators and caregivers and the children they care for birth- aged 6, often referred to as early childhood. Email here to request an initial consultation. You may be asked to set up a user name and password so I can chat with you securely to schedule a first visit. 

Novel Path offers trainings and classes for clinicians and the general public on a variety of topics, including empathy management, parenting, coping skills, life exploration, addiction and how to work with your brain while balancing emotions, the body and consciousness, and how to be an integrative therapist. This is what some of my drawings look like, but I promise the content is full of knowledge and experience.

“Underneath my outside face,

There's a face that none can see. 

A little less smiley,

A little less sure,

But a whole lot more like me”

Shel Silverstein  

Underneath my outside face,

There's a face that none can see. 

A little less smiley,

A little less sure,

But a whole lot more like me

Shel Silverstein  

You need a guide who is not afraid of your terror and who can contain your darkest rage, someone who can safeguard the wholeness of you while you explore the fragmented experiences that you that you had to keep secret from yourself for so long

Bessel Van Der Kolk

Pagey Scheytt, MA, LPC, NCC

Licensed in Oregon and in Alaska by the Board of Professional Counselors (and Therapists). Prior to this I completed Masters degree in Counseling-Psychology and then had clinically supervised work in community mental health organizations and non-profits with children, teens and adults. Also certified as a counselor by the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC). Specialized in holistic mental health for Trauma & Abuse (past or present), Addiction, ADHD, Parent-Child Therapy & Personal Growth- with extensive experience and training in Anxiety, Depression, Sensory Integration, Autism Spectrum and Grief. Also, several years working with early childhood development, people with developmental disabilities, alternative healing and teaching. Bachelor of Arts in Cultural and Historical Studies (Anthropology & Literature). To learn more about my approach and journey, click here.